St Andrew's Church

The Parish Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month (except December when the Council does not meet unless extremely necessary). All meetings are held at St Andrew's Church, Sharpness, starting at 7.00 pm and are open to the public. There are also Finance Planning, & Leisure & recreation Committees that usually meet on the First Tuesday of every month, starting at 7.00 pm - these meetings are also open to the public. 

Office opening times are -Tuesday & Thursdays 9-3 pm        Wednesdays & Fridays 9-2 pm

Please contact the Clerk on 07837924285 or




 Hinton Parish Council is responsible for the following facilities in and around the area of Sharpness, Purton & Brookend

  • Recreational Facility at Oldminster Rd, Sharpness
  • The Allotments at Brookend, Purton & Sharpness

The parish council is not responsible for planning decisions, rubbish collection, recycling, potholes or the roads, but is in regular contact with both Stroud District Council and Gloucester County Council, in particular Highways, to try to influence their delivery of services in the parish.

The Council consists of 9 elected Members. Elections to the Parish Council are held every 4 years – the next one will be in May 2024. ( covid delayed elections in 2020 and were held May 2021)  Any vacancies that occur during the four years, known as 'casual vacancies', are filled by another election or by co-option of a new Member.

We currently have three vacancies at Hinton PC Council.

If you have an interest in becoming a member of Hinton Parish Council you can contact Stroud District Council Electoral Office to find out if you are eligible to become a candidate for the election. They can also advise on the procedure to follow once the election is advertised in the local media. Stroud District Council is responsible for the administration of the election.

The full Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month (except December when the Council does not meet unless necessary.) All meetings are held at The Parish Office, St Andrews Church Sharpness, starting at 7.00, but are subject to change.