Published: 14 July 2020





Staying Covid secure

We confirm that we have complied with the Government Guidance on

Managing the risk of Covid19.

10 steps to safer playing together.


ü Please do not use the play area if you or any members of your household are displaying Covid19 symptoms.

ü Consumption of food is banned in the play area and skatepark.

ü Where possible, please provide your own wet wipes/sanitiser to clean your hands before and after use of the equipment.

ü Please dispose of your wet wipes, gloves etc at home.

ü Remind your children not touch their hands and face and not to put fingers in their mouths.

ü In busy periods, 20 mins maximum play, please be considerate for other children waiting.

ü Always adhere to the 1m social distancing rule, but 2m is preferred, a play park is a high-risk area for the transmission of Covid 19

ü Advisory limits below.


Only 2 families allowed in the toddler area at one time.

Only 2 adults to use outdoor gym area at one time.

Only one family group on the swings at a time please


ü Children should be accompanied by a member of their own household.

ü Please limit to one adult accompany children.


The use of this play area is at your own risk