Berkeley Grammer School

Published: 15 July 2020

Berkeley Grammar School Educational Fund

This small Charity has been in existence in various forms, for well over 100 years.

Nowadays it is run by governors who are representatives of the local Berkeley parishes and town councils, it distributes small grants to individuals and organisations with an educational link to those parishes.

The criteria for individual eligibility are:

 1. Residence in one of the five parishes (Alkington; Berkeley; Hamfallow; Ham and Stone; Hinton.)

2. Attendance at a state school within those parishes for at least 3 years and

3. (An individual) is embarked on a course of further or higher education.

Once eligibility is confirmed then grants are looked at on a merit to merit case.

Meetings are held just once a year in December and applications are normally decided upon then. Occasionally grants can be made at other times in the year to an individual considered to be in more urgent need.

All applications are treated with discretion and in confidence.

 Acknowledgement of receipt of a grant, and details of what it is spent on is always required.


To apply please contact the clerk for an application form:

 Mrs S  Watson


 Applications should be made by the student themselves (except in cases of disability when a representative may apply on their behalf if necessary) A Name, Address and Phone Number , plus details of eligibility as well as information as to how any grant is to be spent, is required.